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01-11-2015 // Plug in, Baby!: this is it.

There's so much beautiful music in the world. And new music is created and released everyday of the year. For over five years I've been trying to keep up with it. Disovering new music and sharing the finest of the finest with you on this blog. Ignoring the hypes. Music is my first love and for a long time it was my only love. Doing my best writing short stories of love for the beautiful music I encountered through this blog I stumbled upon new love. My pen and me became close friends at first, lovers eventually.

Now it's time to close this book of being a small time music blogger and start a brand new. Literatelly. I have enjoyed hearing and sharing 1000s of great songs with whoever you are reading this. And I might return someday to continue. But for now, I will devote all my time to writing, writing, writing and writing some more. Music will never stop to inspire and entertain me, and I will not stop listening to new releases (check out the new James Hoffman, released yesterday). But for now, this is it.

Thank you Bridie Jackson & The Arbour for a perfect final song.
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