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28-09-2015 // EP: Wozniak - Auster

This epic rockband is called Wozniak and their latest EP Auster is highly explosive. There's no limit to epic comparisations to make here; A Rollarcoaster Ride. Fast & Furious. Loud As Fuck. The Best Handjob Ever. Soaring & Breezing. The 70s Meet The 80s. Slow Speeders. Drunk Truck Drivers Steering With One Hand. Smashing Speedlimits. Canadian Mexicans. Golden Days. Man-Machines. Fluffy Ravens. Toothless Snakes Still Biting Your Head Off. Coffee Overdose. Words Are Pointless. The Mute Button Refuses. Dirty Rotten Cows. Heroes On Heels. Not Enough Volume. Time Has Stopped. Thunder & More Thunder & Lightning. Dave Who?! The Endless Follow-Through. Guitar Heaven. Easter Is Here. For Once The Neighbours Are Not Complaining. Everyone Is Playing Air-Guitar. And Air-Drumming. At The Same Time. I Should Stop Before It's Not funny Anymore.

But the best #tag for this record comes from the band itself: Gospel of Infinity. also the title of the 3rd track on this great rock machine of an EP. Please sir, can I have some more?!

Yeah, I just really like this record. I hope you do too.

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