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17-07-2015 // Album: ODAWAS - Black Harmony

Black Harmony by ODAWAS is such an addictive record. This has been on constant replay for days now. I'm taking it with me everywhere I go and listen to it from the early morning untill the very last minute before I fall asleep.

Coming from a period in both our lives where failed marriages, affairs, drug and alcohol abuse and a fatalistic dose of existential dread were leading us into something of a madman's revelry. The lyrics weave these personal moments in through various fantastic narratives about star-crossed soldiers finding perfection in the desert, Prohibition-era murder and espionage, crime scene investigations in pastoral meadows, and finding soft comfort in the hallucinatory madness of Nebraska. Themes of being lost, betrayal, murder and madness are given candy-coated arrangements of Americana and atmospheric electronics. A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, as they say.
Isaac Edwards (Odawas)

Even the description of this record is poetic. Maybe not a Must-Have of the Month record, but definately a Must-Hear Record for every (regular) visitor of this little blog. A great start of the next 5 years of music sharing, wouldn't you agree?

Great. Fucking. Record.

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