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02-06-2015 // sch: Plug in, Baby! Inbox

Dear bands/musicians,

There's a lot of music pouring into my inbox, thank you so much for this.
Due to a very busy schedule I have been away from home and a decent internet-connection more than I would like to admit. As a result I am very backed up on listening to all the fine music in my inbox.

To get up-to-date I would like to ask you to add downloadable content to your emails. I can download your music in the evening, upload it to my oldschool mp3-player and start listening the very next day at work or wherever life is taking me.

If you are sending me your music in the (near) future, I really hope you will be able to include a download-link to your new album or single. Making it so much easier for me to hear your new baby.

I will never share your music without your written authorization.

Thank you for understanding.

Rock on,

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