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18-05-2015 // Album: Lauren Bradford - Lauren Bradford

Acoustic folk at its finest, this debut record by London-based singer songwriter Lauren Bradford. Over a year ago she shared this beautiful record with me, telling me about the difficulties she had with releasing it. Things seemed to go wrong all around and for a long time there were only a few people enjoying her record. I was one of the lucky ones.

Earlier this year she was finally able to share her work with the public. I apologize for being this slow with sharing this album with you, but once you'll listen to it, you will hopefully just remain thankfull that I eventually did. Lauren has a great voice, writes charming songs and playfully goes about them. Brightening your mood with every note she plays and every word she sings. Just for you. This is one of those sweet albums you need to just dream away with. There's not a care in the world. Everything is beautiful. Life is perfect. With Lauren Bradford and this sweet album she has given the world. What a gift. I love it.

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