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19-03-2015 // Album: Seryn - Shadow Shows

Seryn's new album Shadow Shows is a great record. I'm not good at explaining the reasons for stating this opinion, but I know I really like this record. And I see myself falling in love with it a little more each time I listen to it. Some records are instant love, other take some time to slowly win you over. For me, Shadow Shows is in the both categories. Although this was only released a Month ago and I have listened to it a lot already, the real love is just starting to grow and wil continue to do so for many months (and maybe years) to come. I still listen to their previous record This Is Where We Are and that was released back in 2011. That's how deep the love for a beautiful record can go.

Will Shadow Shows turn out to be such an epic, mesmerizing, addictive record?! I don't doubt it!

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