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17-04-2014 // Album: Ghost Twins - Never Fear Total Failure

Last year Ghost Twins released a double A-single that I shared with you on a fine Sunday morning. This week they released their debut album Never Fear Total Failure and it's every inch as great as the double A-single from last year and a whole lot better. In this particular case, more = more and more = better.

It's funny how a seriously depressing title as "You Will Always Be Lonely" sounds like a really fun song. Great beat, up-tempo song & lyrics that are really easy to remember. This is a festival banger waiting to happen.

The entire record clock a little over 38 minutes in 9 songs, which is not a lot if you take notice of the earlier post and their great song "Dream On / Dream Off" lasting almost up to 8 minutes. But the song is not included on the album. I have to admit I was a little surprised not to find it on here, especially since the other A-side "Unknown Animal" is present and in my humble opinion that was (and still is) slightly less impressive back in October. It fits greatly within the general sound of the album, which is now accepted as Electronic Experimental Indie in my book.

The only moment this great album slows down a little, but it does it in style and just as the other 8 songs, this is a great song.

If you needed one song to describe this album, this is it! The lyrics aswell as the sound represent this album perfectly and it also helps how the title is included almost like a mantra near the end of it.

This is without a doubt one of the finest records of 2014. This is not just a great fucking record, this is even better. This is one of those albums that's gonna stay with me for a long time and it is definately the best record I've heard so far this year.

edit: for some reason all the tracks included here have the album title, they are all different songs though. Be sure to listen to them all.

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