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06-01-2014: Must-Have of the Month The Box Tiger - Set Fire

New year, old music. It's funny how I'm (well, me and every other blogger out there) so desperately trying to close off 2013 by writing my own little end-of-year list & wish you all a grand 2014 (twice) and continue to write about 2013-releases for at least two more weeks into the new year. In my defense, I've always been terrible at saying goodbye. Anyways, new Month, new Must-Have: The Box Tiger's Set Fire is a straight-up rock album that stays on top every second and keeps you dancing and singing along all the time.

When you listen to the full album on Bandcamp this is the 1st track being played, on the album it's actually track three and there's a pretty good reason for it: It Fucking Rocks! Tracks 1 and 2 are okay, but this is a real album opener. I can also totally relate to the title, but that's a whole different story..

The album slows down a bit with "Hospital Choir", but quickly regains the high pace with "Knives" and "Taller Than Trees", making this a great work-out record for you fatties out there trying to get rid of those Christmas-pounds. Perfect for interval-training, trust me.

Like any decent rockband a ballad-type song is required. I make that sound bad, which it usually is, but it works really well here. Leadsinger Sonia Sturino has a great powerfull voice for the tough rocksongs, but with the guitars a little louder and the pace a little lower her voice has more depth and emotion in it.

With so much great songs on it, I call this album a Must-Have. There's just a tiny little thing I don't like about it, and that's the closing track. For some reason it fails on me. It's not a bad song, but there's much better songs on the album and I was expecting some sort of an epic closing track for an album this great. Despite that minor setback, I love this record!

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