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28-12-2013: mixtape I.HEART.2013: 14x2013

Well.. We might as well look back at the year behind us. See what great music was found, shared and loved. By me. To you. This smells egotistic, but that's writing a blog anyway, so no point in stopping now. I’ll try and make this as enjoyable as I can. I promise not to write a lot of bullshit you are not interested in and just stick to the many, many beautiful tunes that found their way to this blog, and hopefully to your ears and heart. Just let me explain real quick that this is just a selection in random order, based on my personal preferences.

I wrote this item with a new visitor in mind. If this would be the 1st item he or she would read about music in 2013, which songs or albums would I recommend? Here we go:

But the only song I would ever name 'single of the year' if someone would ask me is "April" by The Lake Poets. Breathtaking. Beautiful in a way music rarely is.

There has been so much great music in 2013 and this selection stands for nothing but my own personal taste on a Saturday afternoon, carefully selected and very incomplete when it comes to grasping the year 2013 in music. But I am just one man with one taste, and music doesn't get much better than 'April' by The Lake Poets.

Stay tuned for 13 breathtaking albums of 2013 somewhere in the next few days..

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