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28-12-2013: Album Eli Mardock - Everything Happens for the First Time

On the break of 2014 here's another great 2013-relase you really shouldn't miss out on. Eli Mardock's new album Everything Happens for the First Time is an addictive spin on todays pop and rock music, giving Muse (among others) a new hero to look up to.

This song reminds me of the first time I heard an Ayreon-record. The bombastic sound, the vocals each telling their own stories, the mid-song switch in tempo and sound. Untill I fell completely in love with Ayreon's "Into the Electric Castle" back in 1998 I had never heard anything like this. And since then it's still a rare thing to hear. Probably because it's also not very easy to make it sound good, but Eli Mardock makes it sound great!

The Muse-link is very obvious in Eli Mardock's music, it is undeniable. That's not a bad thing at all when it sounds this good and I'm really more thrilled with this record than I was with the previous Muse-records (which I love without exception).

Despite the clear musical connection, Eli Mardock has definately made a record that is all his own. And with the overwhelming presence of a band like Muse that has such a specific sound the comparisation is an easy call. Which makes it hard for such a shitty reviewer like myself not to mention that other band a few times. But I'll end it like a true pro and make the final statement all about this album:

Great! Fucking! Record!

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