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26-10-2013 // Album: Rural Ghosts - City of Elms

Alongside Cantoo's Must-Have of the Month-album, there's one more record I've been listening to everyday since it was released on October 1st. City of Elms is the debut full-length by Rural Ghosts. First single "Eyes" was already labelled 'great' a few months ago and is still one of the highlights of this album, but it's surely not the only one.

I can't help being a Pearl Jam-hater, it's in my genetics. I've really tried to accept them, listened to all the albums and I've even seen them live last Summer. But I actually just thought everything else on the festival was better than Pearl Jam. Even the toilets. And the albums all suck aswell. For some reason this song gives off a huge Pearl Jam-vibe, with one extremely important difference: it doesn't suck! I play air-guitar to it on my bike, in the supermarket, standing on the coffee table, at the train station and in my office when no one's watching. Love it!

"Eyes" was on the blog a few months ago (but the link died..) and is still a great song. I may be really off here, but I'm pretty sure the cello was not this much 'in-your-face' in the previous version and I liked that a little better actually, there was more balance in the song. Still a great song, but it was a little better in my memories (maybe I'm just getting old..).

The instrumental "Vesuvius" is my starting point these last few days, I let it play from here and keep the album on for some time. I was talking abou air-guitar-ing earlier, this is 5 minutes of it. The cello and guitar work extremely well together and I truly hope this is a sound Rural Ghosts will be exploring a little further in the future. If you disprove of playing the almighty air-guitar (I risk never to be taken serious again after this review), air-drumming is also a great workout on this track, air-cello is a little beyond me and pretty much just wrong.

All and all, Rural Ghosts released a great debut full-length with City of Elms. It is truly, as I love to call these, a Great. Fucking. Record.

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