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07-10-2013 // Must-Have of the Month: Cantoo - Cantoo

We are going back to the 60s with Cantoo's self-titled debut album, released in May of this year and October's Must-Have of the Month. I know a lot of 60s music by sound, thanks to my father being a huge music fan like me and him being a teen in the 60s. And for some reason the music you hear in your teenage years will always mean something special, so when I grew up in the 80s and 90s my father still played the hundreds of records he had with all the older music on it. And being a parent usually means the new music is complete rubbish, and we all know how 'unmusical' the 90s were, with the eurodance and hardcore (which I both still love) controlling the music charts (at least in my part of Europe).

The 60s still live on now. for example through new music being released nowadays, but heavily inspired by those times 50 years ago. Enter: Cantoo. Their music is based on those times, but luckily not stuck in it. The harmonies, the instruments and the hints of psychedelia are all there. But it sounds fresher, more experimental, less forced. More now. And I guess that is what makes it so good. With one foot in the tradition of what was probably the most inspiring musical decade of 'recent' history and the other foot in the here and now, Cantoo has created a sound that is classic and new, combining the best of both worlds. I haven't received my copy yet, but I bet it works even better played on vinyl.

This is one of those records I just know I'll be playing for years. I listen to it several times a day at home, updated all my devices so it's on there and won't rest untill I've succesfully figured out all the lyrics. The music sets a mood I probably connect to my younger days doing the dishes with my father, while he's busy finding a 25 year old record he just happened to think of that day. Happy times, making this record just a little more special.

Cantoo's debut album is a beauty. Even without the huge amount of memories I poured out here, this is a great work of art. I can only hope that you enjoy these 4 songs as much as I do and will give the entire album a few spins from start to finish at Be sure to do nothing (well a walk in the woods or something might work very well), so you take it all in. And I know you'll be amazed by the beauty of this album.

Great. Fucking. Album. Absolute Must-Have.

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