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30-09-2013 // Monday Morning Kick-Off, Track: Jake Morley - Feet Don't Fail Me Now / Ghostess

Instead of just the usual loud Monday Morning Kick-Off, you can now choose between 2 really nice songs, both from Jake Morley. "Feet Don't Fail Me Now" is the traditional up-tempo Monday Morning song here, addictive as hell and a guaranteed buzz for the rest of the Monday (if that doesn't work, just keep it on repeat).

For the people that prefer to wake up slowly, maybe ignore the Monday for as long as you can, here's a beautiful sweet Jake Morley live studio session of "Ghostess". Also suitable for coming home from that much hated 1st day later today. Pour yourself a glass of wine, take 30 minutes before you feed the cat, start cooking or empty out the washing machine and relaxed with Jake's beautiful voice.

Two great songs to choose from. Or, as I do it this morning, just let both songs take turns playing and start off another week just about as perfect as you can.. Have a good week!

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