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19-09-2013 // Album: Bart van der Lee - Ballads for the Heathens or Dying

Bart van der Lee's new album Ballads for the Heathens or Dying was released just 2 weeks ago, but it went on heavy rotation for me from day one. Have a listen!

Bart van der Lee was one of the few artists performing in the singer-songwriter contest on tv that sounded really good (as you can hear for yourself) and he has now released his new album with Snowstar Records (the finest Dutch records label of the moment). He performed "She Was Like The Sunlight" and it's also on this album, together with 7 other beautiful songs (the album-version is better). His raw voice and slow guitar handling make the easier songs irresistible, but also the more noisy songs like album opener "A Mother's Song" sucks you into the album and won't let you leave untill the final note of the last song has faded out.

The last song on the album is also my personal favorite. "Waste Of Life" has a certain tragedy to it right from the start, with that beautiful trumpet. The song has a slow pace and Bart's voice is more smooth, but a little rough around the edges, giving this emotional song a perfect sad feel. I imagine this to be the perfect song to be listening to feeling really sad walking around in the rain late at night. Although it would definately not cheer you up, it would suit the moment like nothing else.

Beautiful record from a talented singer-songwriter!

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