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11-09-2013 // Must-Have of the Month: Mars Water - Subconscious

Exactly five months ago I wrote about Mars Water’s 2012 release Tempus Fugit. I had been madly in love with it for several months and called it a true Summer-record. I still listen to it & have spent a few Summer nights with it playing on the beach stereo. and then I read something about a new album in August. I expected more up-tempo beach songs like 'Dreams' or 'Stay', both songs with Summer packed in every note and word.. I couldn’t have been more wrong; Subconscious is something completely different. Recognizable as a Mars Water album, due to Ponny Kosmas’ voice, but it ends there. Subconscious is rough, loud and in-your-face.

Subconscious is a concept album about advertising and our brains. All songs flow into each other and are meant to be listened to in one sitting, similar to watching a TV episode or movie. Sit back, turn it up, close your eyes, relax, and listen to the voices in your head.

This concept is easily found in the song titles and the lyrics, but it goes a little deeper than that. The overall feel of the album is haunting, smothering. It is an attack on your sanity with the constant grudges and loud guitars. Even the ‘easier’ songs are trying to commit murder on your brains and I can only assume the last line of Ponny’s little explanation (Sit back, turn it up, close your eyes, relax, and listen to the voices in your head) is a cynical one. There’s no relaxing, no sitting back, no voices in your head. Subconscious takes over your mind and everything in it.

Does all of that make this a bad album. Hell no! I did award it my Must-Have of the Month for September for a reason; I’m completely hooked on it. Subconscious is a haunting album in the best possible way an album can be. It is one huge trip from start to finish. I recommend strongly to listen to this album in one cut (although I’m aware I picked 4 songs here). I can relate to the “sit back, turn it up”, because it is the best way to experience this record to the fullest. Because that's with it is: an Experience. You should let this album win you over by storm. Let it suck you into the story underneath & spit you out after the last seconds. And when you lie there on the floor completely wrecked, you’ll probably want to hear it all again.

I hope you will. I know I wanted to. And still do. If you spend your money on one record this month, make it this psychedelic machine of lo-fi surf noise.

Great! Fucking! Record!

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