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27-08-2013 // Album: Paul Federici - Now and Then

It is a common fact that music helps people remind things. When you connect a certain song to a moment in your life, you will always think back to that moment when you hear the song again. Although I've just discovered Paul Federici's album Now and Then two months ago, it keeps taking me back to Spring of 2012.

I was in love. Not just with the music of Hip Hatchet, Pickering Pick and James Vincent McMorrow, but also with a beautiful blonde. We listened to their music together, had a glass of wine and made love in the dark. It was a good Spring, and for once it was my favorite season (I'm more of an Autumn-person).

This album takes me back to the Spring of 2012. To those beautiful albums, to those beautiful days. Especially this song "Please Don't Break" captures my feelings from back then pretty much perfect. The songs are as beautiful as those by the previously mentioned artists and the overall feel somehow sends me back there with the first stroke of his guitar. Paul Federici has a great voice and can easily stand the comparisation with any singer-songwriter.

These last few days I've listened to this album without references and it's actually even more beautiful than it was before. It is beyond memory now, it is just what it is: a great album by a fine artist. This album is for those that enjoy Pickering Pick, James Vincent McMorrow or Paper Aeroplanes. Beautiful, intense, slow music. Made for the weak-hearted, like me. I love it!

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