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24-02-2013 // interviews: Q&A: Cub Scouts

In an attempt to introduce some new great bands to you besides sharing the fine tunes they're releasing, I'm attempting to set up an ongoing series of Q&A's with several of these bands. Just a little extra info on who the people behind the music are (please forgive me my poor interviewing-skills). First off is Australian's best kept secret Cub Scouts. They've been spotted a few times on the blog already with 3 great songs and have just released their latest song "Pool!". Lead singer Tim Nelson has provided the answers; have a read, give it a spin, enjoy a great Summer feeling!

- first off, who are the Cub Scouts?
We're an Australian indie/pop band

- How did you meet?
Sam, Zoe, Andy and I all went to the same school and we met Dan through other school friends!

- when/how did you decide to team up and start making music together?
I'd been writing songs for a little while, then when I got offered a show, I wanted a band to play with. I contacted people that I knew could play instruments to see if they'd play that one show with me. We ended up keeping on playing together and eventually we formed 'Cub Scouts'

- What is an average week for Cub Scouts?
We all have jobs, so an average week is working most days of the week. We have band practice on Monday nights and we often spend weekend away playing shows.

- what do you enjoy most: recording new songs in the studio or playing live shows?
We find both equally great.

- Over the last year you've released several singles and an EP. Now that 2012 is over, how do you look back on it?
It was a pretty crazy year - we achieved so much more than we had even imagined we could.

- What was the highlight of the year?
Embarking on five national tours and releasing our debut EP!

- What are the plans for 2013?
More touring, including overseas tours, and recording/releasing new music!

Thank you Tim and Cub Scouts. Looking forward to more new tunes and hopefully a European Tour somewhere this year!

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