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11-01-2013 // interviews: 2012: Interview with Rebecca Brandt

The year 2012 is coming to an end (actually it ended a week ago, but I'm sticking with the intro..). It is that time of the year for Christmas carols, buying presents for our loved ones and reflecting on the year that (almost) lies behind us. For us music bloggers it also means writing year lists, pretending our opinions matter to the world. Which of course, they do not, but even bloggers have dreams. These last few weeks I’ve asked several of my favorite artists of 2012 to look back on what this year has brought them. For their own musical careers, but also about the music they’ve enjoyed themselves and, if any, what their plans for 2013 are. These are their stories (yes, I did just quote the A-Team intro).

Although I refused to do a 'best of 2012'-list, I’ve given this a lot of thought and if I had to choose one album as my 2012-favorite, it would be Rebecca Brandt’s Numbers & Shapes. From the huge amount of great records I’ve heard last year this is the one album that always makes me smile. Always brings me comfort. Never stops amazing me. I am still truly surprised and overwhelmed by the deep emotions that this records holds. Emotions I’ve never heard and felt in an instrumental record. Instrumental music has always interested me, but Numbers & Shapes have added the emotional layer I’ve never experienced in instrumental music. I hope this makes sense, I can’t think of a better way to describe it. Numbers & shapes has opened my eyes, touched my heart and has given me joy like no other album has. If for some twisted reason I could only take one album released in 2012 with me into the future, this would be it. And I would never regret it. The final 2012-interview is with Rebecca Brandt. Read about her year and future plans (let’s hope they involve new recordings..), listen to some fine music.

1. If you had to name one moment, what would you consider the highlight of 2012?
My best moment of 2012 was definitely midnight on May 1, when my first album "Numbers & Shapes" was officially released. I had been working towards that moment for over 2 years, and to finally get the chance to put my music out in the world was a really significant experience for me.

2. What are doing at the moment (November 2012)?
I'm still chugging along, trying to work hard! I recently finished scores on 2 short films and am providing music for several upcoming commercials. I've also begun fleshing out ideas for some new pieces, just really basic, structural stuff. And there are a few other exciting projects and possibilities in the works...!

3. Which great band/artist did you discover yourself in 2012?
They are in no way a new group and have been around for years, but I recently discovered the music of Balmorhea and am pretty much in love. They play some really cool instrumental stuff with post-rock and classical vibes, totally up my alley.

4. What's your favourite album released this year?
I am very much a Yann Tiersen fan, so I've got to say his record "Skyline." This may be cheating a bit because while it was released in 2012 in the US, it had an earlier release in 2011 in parts of Europe. Still, I am crazy for his sound and this album is just beautiful.

5. How will you celebrate New Year's Eve?
I'm not really sure yet, though I do know it will involve music, probably a fun show to dance in the New Year! I'll probably stick around my area in Brooklyn... Manhattan gets a bit too nuts for me during the holidays.

6. What are your plans for 2013?
6. On my shortlist for 2013 plans: play some shows, write some new music, get a puppy, win the lotto and retreat to the mountains in Peru. Not necessarily in that order.

Thank you Rebecca. For a beautiful album. For the answers to these questions. And about those mountains in Peru, the Netherlands are also pretty beautiful and perfect for retreating..

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