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30-12-2012 // Album: Elenne May - Misleadingly Soft

Last 'regular' post of the year, and I admit: I wanted to make it a special one. And special this album surely is. Dutch singer Elenne May has released her debut album Misleadingly Soft in November and I've been loving it from the very 1st day.

References with Kate Bush are easily made, but do her music short. Misleadingly Soft has a special something to it, making it an irresistible album. It takes you into her little dreamworld and the magic she displays is so overwhelming that it's over before you realize it. I get a strong sense of Efteling-magic when I listen to this amazing album. And just like most sensational rides in themeparks, Misleadingly Soft is a ride I wanna take over and over again. (#badjokealert) No matter how long I have to wait in line..

While every 'serious' Dutch music reviewer is drooling over Blaudzun's ego and utterly boring album as 2012s best, it is no surprise that the most beautiful album was released by someone most of them may have never heard of. Such a shame, and hopefully 2013 will help the world see what Elenne May already is in my book: a fantastic artist with a phenomenal debut album.

I love it. I love it. I love it.

(and did I mention that I love this album..?)

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