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05-12-2012 // MixTape, sch: Something Special: 12 beautiful songs, just for you

It’s been a busy time and more loaded days are ahead of us, with the extravaganza of Christmas as a final blowout, is it January already..? but luckily the last month of 2012 has some great things planned for us, my loyal readers. There’s about a dozen interviews coming up with a lot of my favorite artists of 2012 and off course there’s the inevitable year lists. As a little something special that I wanted to do for all of my readers I’ve compiled a list with 12 of my favorite songs of 2012. There are probably a 100 songs that I could use for this list, but I carefully selected 12 amazing and incredibly beautiful songs from albums that I’ve fallen in love with this year. I will be playing the albums and these songs for a loooong time to come.

I can imagine you’re not getting the “doing something special for my readers”-input just yet, but that lies in the kicker: I began with making a downloadable file of these songs, but quickly realized that I wouldn’t do justice to the artists that put their heart and soul in these songs. So instead of the easy way, I’m offering you a free download of all these songs as an “all-expenses-paid”-trip. Shoot me an email via jeroen [AT] and I will sent you the songs. The difference? I will purchase the amount of tracks needed for all requests via the artists’ websites or bandcamp-pages. Making sure they’ll get a fair pay for their talent.

I realize there were probably easier ways to solve this, but I’ve been too busy with so many things that this was the best way for now.
There are just 4 steps keeping you from 12 musical highlights of 2012:
1. Sent me an email at jeroen [AT]
2. Receive a file with these 12 beauties
3. Download that m*therf*cker
4. Enjoy the shit out of it.

Have a great listen, have a great holiday season. Be sure to check out the interviews coming with several artists featured in this deal, there's also at least 2 more fine records to be reviewed!

Yes I know, there are great songs/artists missing (KOPPS, Paper Aeroplanes, to name just two of them) on this playlist, but I set the bar at 12 and decided to stick with it. Remember: Sent me an email, get these songs for free & support these 12 artists. They've deserved it. They've made the world a little more beautiful with their music this year. And for that: I thank them. For that: I salute them. I hope you do too.

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