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08-10-2012 // EP: Idiot Wind - Idiot Wind EP

It is raining beautiful music lately. This 5-track EP that was released in 2010 is among the purest things I've heard all year. Swedish singer-songwriter Amanda Bergman aka Idiot Wind is working on her debut album as we speak (or type) according to her website and I'll just pray that's the truth, because I need to get my hands on more of her amazing voice and beautiful intimite songs.

Google taught me that Idiot Wind is a Bob Dylan-song, just like "Mama, You've Been On My Mind". So one might think Amanda is into Bob. However it is, this is a great cover of a great song. And it's not the only one.

"Canary Bird" is the most intense piece on this 20-minute release that has that one flaw of being over too soon. But that is the only 'bad' thing I can really say about this. After hearing it just once, I ordered myself a copy (which I received today, I am now the proud receiver of a Swedish package) and the digital version is on non-stop rotation whenever I'm somewhere near my laptop.

This might just end up being my favourite EP of the year, slightly ignoring it is over 2 years old. I've fallen in love this year, that's what counts (for me)!

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