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06-10-2012 // EP: Balto - Monuments

Balto is back. Their 2011-release October's Road was a very special album for me. I've listened a lot to it last year and it's still one of my favourite albums to help me gently fall asleep in the dark hours of the night. The new release is called Monuments and is another great addition to the list of releases this collective has been putting out there in 2012.

Balto is a productive and very talented collective:
Daniel Sheron is Balto's main writer, Andrew Sheron aka Everyman Of Parts has released his great debut album Travelling Time earlier this year, John Glouchevitch aka Jeannot released a beautiful debut Turner Street EP and Philippe Bronchtein aka Hip Hatchet has made one of the best albums of the year with Joy and Better Days. I should probably find out what the other 2 members of the collective (Charlie Freundlich & Sam Budish) have been up to lately, because I will probably enjoy it a lot. I'll just have to figure out what names they're using..

Back to Balto though and the new little masterpiece they've delivered. Monuments holds 6 beautiful Americana-songs that show progress when compared with the previous release, but is unmistakenly Balto. When you hear that guitar start after 5 seconds and Daniel starts singing you feel right at home. This EP will undoubtfully find her way to my 2012-endlist (which in my mind I've been working on just for a little bit, probably a result of that Fall kicking in these last few rainy days) and that will be well deserved.

Another beauty from this talented collective that'll be played an loved over and over again for the rest of the year and beyond. Oh, and did I mention it'll only cost you 4 Dollars to get it (as if you needed anymore reason to get it..)?

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