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30-09-2012 // Album, : Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - Race Riot Suite

Here's some Sunday Night Jazz for your listening pleasure. Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey played at the North Sea Jazz Festival this year and it was one of the best concerts I've seen this year.

They have released their latest album Race Riot Suite last year and played the entire album for us. Hearing this live was absolutely beautiful, but the album is also very good. It is Jazz with a fine edge to it. It's roaring, sizzling, hammering and it's got a great vibe to it. Now that I'm listening to it again all day, I can assure you that this is excellent 'feel good'-music.

Race Riot Suite is their 21st album and there's a special theme about the 1921 Tulsa race riot. You can even download an iPad-app with all the background information or find out more about it on their website. That brutal piece of history has evolved into a stunningly beautiful album on which the jazz combo makes vivacious music, taking you on a journey into history.

One of the best concerts and one of the finest additions to my ever-growing collection of music for 2012: Race Riot Suite.

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