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18-09-2012 // Album: John Donovan - On Exit

It's been a while since I've truly fallen in love with an entire album. There have been short loves for great songs and desperate loves for EPs or albums that eventually just contained 1 or 2 beautiful songs, but I'm happy to tell you all that I'm in love again. Finally.

John Donovan is the name of this fine singer-songwriter, just 23 years old and right up there with my favourite releases of 2012. In the last few days I've compared him with Nick Drake, Hip Hatchet and Eels. Big names, but they suit him well.

This is an album that has stolen my heart. I can listen to it from start to finish over and over again. There is not a weaker moment on it and every new song that starts immediately wins you over. As it always is with the finest albums, there is no telling which song is my favourite. As soon as the next one sets in, thát is my favourite for the moment!

This is an album so beautiful I will be listening to it for the rest of the year. And probably for years to come. John Donovan deserves all our support, all your love and you should get your ass over to to get yourself a free (!!) copy of this hidden pearl of bedroom folk. You'll love it. It's all you'll be able to.

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