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14-09-2012 // Album: Mascara Hera - Lanitra

One of the most beautiful songs of the year. This is like being in church, listening to a thousand angels singing. Lanitra is an intense and beautiful album, but a song like "Stratus".. Mindblowing.

Although it's impossible to be as good as "Stratus", this is a fine follow-up song. It continues on the same path, but adjusts just enough to keep you interested. The tempo goes up a little, but the overwhelming vibes keep on coming, trying to drown you in sound in the most beautiful way anyone could be killed.

Among the fine tunes this very unique album holds, there is also a beautiful line on Mascara Hera's bandcamp-page that you really should have a look at. I probably like it so much because it's something I could've said myself, but it sounds so perfect among the Special Thanks-lines of this release. Have a look, I prefer not to spoil your little moments of joy by typing a lot, and I've already said too much about this release. Just listen. And fall in love. Like I did.

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