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15-07-2012 // Album: Conveyor - Conveyor

There is no way I can really explain it. I've been trying for a few hours, days, maybe even weeks by now. But I can't. It is without a doubt not possible for me to explain why this is the finest record of the year. It is. That is all I know. Openingtrack "Woolgatherer" (if I must explain) is a perfect example of all the strength Conveyor combines in their music. It is rhythmic and a-rhythmic, it has their vocal harmony in a way Fleet Foxes might just be a little bit jealous of and it sounds delicious.

"Reach" is the 5th (song and) highlight on Conveyor's debut album, with the strange sea-like sounds and little bells combined with slow, almost soothing voices. It playfully guides you into "Homes", the next beauty. The song strongly reminded me of TV On The Radio, a great reference in my book. It is slow and powerfull building up to a 'Grande Finale' that never comes, with the drums guiding you through a song that only counts 17 (short) words near the end. Stylish and mesmerizing.

"Mukraker" was on the blog in January as a 1st taste of the upcoming album and it is still as good now as it was 6 months ago. It fits within the surroundings and that outro is among the finest moments in music I've heard this year.

This debut album is magic. Conveyor was a great promise 12 months ago, and have filled that promise beyond expectations. The rhythmic changes, the harmonic singing, the fine instrumentations, if the perfect debut album would excist, it would sound like this.
I you are to buy 1 record this year, this should be it.

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