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18-06-2012 // Album: The Rest - SEESAW

A few weeks ago I received SEESAW. After writing a little something sweet about two of their songs last year, The Rest emailed a digital copy of their new album for me to hear. With the weeks passing by they went on releasing a new song every week, while I was falling madly in love with their album a little more everytime I heard it.

"Always on my Mind", was the 1st track I heard last year and is still one of my favourite songs on this album. A year ago it was just a good song, this time around it's a good song on a great record.

The Rest has created a record that slows down and speeds up from time to time, but never slows down too much, and too much speed is pretty much impossible. lead singer Adam Bentley sometimes sounds a little like U2's Bono, which usually is not a good thing, but he gets away with it. Since it's not a constant reference, but only at certain moments, it is acceptable and luckely this band writes songs that outscore U2 any day of the week, so any slight U2-reference I had, was easily overcome.

Just like the best albums out there, there is really no point in just posting four songs here, as this album is best enjoyed from start to finish. You've heard the opening and finishing tracks and two of my favourite 8 songs stuck in between, now get yourself over to their bandcamp-page and listen to The Rest, because this is one release you don't want to miss out on!

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