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06-06-2012 // EP: Luchi - Luchi EP

There's a reasonably long list of albums, EPs en songs that I want to spend some time on writing about. Telling the webs how good that album, EP or song is. These albums etc have spend a decent amount of time playing on my stereo, laptop and/or mp3-player.
And then there's Luchi and their brand new released Luchi EP.

Just started listening to this 5-track EP 3 days ago (thx to Bandcamp Hunter), but I'm hooked! "Falcor" is mesmerizing as hell, making it completely impossible not to move. The great thing is, it's not just 1 great, mesmerizing and beautiful song. There's 5 of 'em! With "Falcor" as my personal favourite, but "Clockwork" is just as great. and so are the other 3 songs on this fine EP. Which is rapidly on its way of becoming my first Australian import. I don't believe in rating albums, as it's all a matter of taste, but this gets 6 out of 5.

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