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04-06-2012 // , : The Rest - John Huston (live)

So I've been loving the shit out of The Rest's upcoming release SEESAW, but I'm holding back writing something about it untill it's officially here (mainly cuz I'll have the option of including whichever song I want using their Bandcamp-page). To support them and their great album I don't mind sharing some great live sessions they've done in the past. A few weeks ago there was a very special live version of Always On My Mind, today I suggest you give this live version of "John Huston" a few spins. It's not as warm as the album version, but there's nothing really wrong with that. It just proves (again) how great the songs are this band writes. Two more weeks untill the album is released, but there's a new FREE track to download, go here and get it while it's hot!

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