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28-05-2012 // Album: Matthew De Zoete - Colour Film

More and more bands, songwriters and PR-managers are sending me music and besides that being extremely cool, it’s also becoming more and more of a hassle to combine with my ususal rounds around the webs. Resulting in tons of albums and songs floating around on my laptop for me to hear. No matter how much the inbox and my laptop fill up with music though, the really good music has its own way of making itself heard it seems. There’s a few folders almost unopened and there’s inzipped packages all over the desktop and there’s Mattew De Zoete’s 3rd album Colour Film (among other great releases, but we’ll just take the slow ‘one-at-a-time’ route this coming period).

Matthew sent me his album a few weeks ago and over that period of time I found myself slowly fallin’ in love. Like those perfect romances that start with a couple of nice, friendly dates. Where you just talk for ages untill it’s deep in the night and you say goodbye, spending the next couple of days wondering if that other person was as much entertained as you were. And when you’ve had the 3rd date and you shared that amazing 1st kiss, making you walk around with a huge smile on your face for days, being a total grinnin’ fool, you eventually realize it. You’re in Love.

My least favourite track on the album is the loudest song on the album. It doesn’t really fit in with the rest and I wouldn’t mind if it weren’t there. I prefer the more dreamy folkpop. The only really good thing about it, is when it’s over we set off to the final 2 songs on the album; first the extremely beautiful lovesong “We’re Dying”, and after that the album finishes perfect with “Hunter’s Moon”. A song that was made to finish off the album, making the order of the tracks of Colour Film a job well done.

As long as I receive albums like this in the mail I am very happy being a blogger and being contacted by people who put their heart and soul in their music. Colour Film is an easy-going relaxing album that I enjoy listening to at least twice a day. Great songs, great lyrics,
Great album.

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