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24-04-2012 // EP: Arbor Glades - Coming Home EP

It's exactly 2 weeks since I first heard the"Coming Home EP by Arbor Glades and I've been enjoying it a little more every day. At 1st I didn't think it was thát special, but it has a certain joy over it. A Summervibe like last years "Days" by Real Estate also had. Coming Home is not very much like that great Real Estate-album, but the sunny surf-vibes definately ring a few bells from time to time.

The sound is more oldschool surf though, and less distinctive. Real Estate has that special sound that makes it easy to spot their songs in a crowd (in a figure of speech, that is). Arbor Glades is not there yet, but this is a promising (first?) step. There's 5 great tracks on this free EP and that's more than enough to get to know this band and enjoy what they've released back in January. For their next step, I'm hoping on a Summer-release!

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