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18-04-2012 // Album: Roman Ruins - Homebuilding

So this is the power of vinyl. Ordered this album last week on Monday and have the digital version on my laptop and mp3-player for over a week now. Listened to it a few times and wasn't really into it. But then I received the vinyl yesterday, put it on my brand new record player and it was instant love. Maybe it's the magic of the record player, maybe it's the magic of the music, maybe a little bit of both. Fact is, since I first heard the album yesterday evening, I've been listening to it on just about every music player I have.

Roman Ruins is Graham Hill. A 31-year old architect. Hill played drums with several bands and started writing his debut record Homebuilding while being on tour in Europe. Far away from his 1st time pregnant wife. Although I usually ignore the stories behind the music and prefer to let the music tell it's own tale, reading this little story added something extra to the music.

Homebuilding is a minimal electronic singer-songwriter album. If that even is a somewhat suitable description for it. I don't really know, and I certainly don't care. This is a very special album, although I have to admit I've just fallen in love with it 26 hours ago. And the thing with love is; it's most intense, when just awoken. We'll see how far and long this love will be with me. Based on the last 26 hours, I'd say this beautiful record and me have a bright and longlasting future ahead of us!

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