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15-04-2012 // Album: Avec pas d'casque - Astronomie

This Sunday morning I was reading the paper, drinking a cup of coffee and listening to a great record in the early morning sunshine for an hour or two. The perfect record to complete this little moment in heaven was a Canadian release by Avec pas d'casque.

They have recorded a beautiful countryfolk record that is made for relaxation. And because I don't know what the words mean, it's all the more easier to have it playing while reading the paper or a book. Especially when reading tough articles or English books I find it hard to focus on the words, when there's a great record playing in the background. Try listening to any amazing album while reading a book. Failure waiting to happen. Does that mean this is just background music? Definately not!

Astronomie is not just easy-listening background music. This record has been growing on me all week, evolving from just being background music to the point where I woke up this morning humming the melody of my favourite track "Veiller le feu". The next step is likely me breaking my promise to myself not to buy any more records for the rest of this month, because I'll just end up buying it on the 1st of May.

Enjoy a relaxing Sunday with one of the finest releases I've heard this year!

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