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15-03-2012: Album Pickering Pick - Prayer Flag

Things may change after receiving Michael Kuwaneka's album yesterday, but my favourite album of the month was released on the 28th of February: Prayer Flag by Pickering Pick. Eleven beautiful songs, every song even more special than the other.

The name 'Pickering Pick' may or not may be related to the music he plays, as he mostly plays the acoustic fingerpicking style Small Houses overwhelmed me with last year. They also both have a beautiful set of songs and a great voice, though Pickering Pick's voice is just a little bit more smooth. Which is neither a good or a bad thing. It's just a fact, or perhaps it's just my opinion.

Broken hearts seem to be the most sang subject Pickering Pick referres to, but it may be me reflecting some of my personal emotions on his great songs and amazing lyrics. Almost every song holds a line I wish I'd written. You can read all the lyrics underneath the songs on his bandcamp-page, but I always prefer not to.

Closing track "Seasons On The Run", is probably my favourite song on the album (although I really think it's impossible to love the last track the most, as it also means the album will be over after hearing that track..). It's a perfect closing song, and adds just a little extra with the useage of the movie(?) quotes. It's a sweet, serene song describing the seasons of life. And with his final stroke, he finishes an amazing album.

I don't know who it was that got me to listen to this, but I do hope to find out, as i really want to say thanks. This is going straight to my "Best of 2012"-list. No way I'll be leaving this record behind if I ever decide to live on an abandonded island for the rest of my life.

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