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02-03-2012 // Album: James Vincent McMorrow - Early In The Morning

Looking back on 2011 and the albums that I've listed as my favourites I'm still pretty satisfied. The top 10 is still on regular rotation and I still stand behind the words I wrote on the albums I've selected back in December. There is only one album I truly regret for not putting in that list and that is Early In The Morning by James Vincent McMorrow.

Back in October I 1st listened to James Vincent McMorrow when he did a brilliant live-cover of Chris Isaak's Wicked Game; it's just him, his guitar and his beautiful voice in the woods somewhere. A must-see for every music lover! I listened to some of his own songs on his website and put it on my list of things I'd have to listen later. I never did untill January. But when I finally did, I was in love right away.

The voice is still there, and it cuts right through your soul. The low whispering words turns into high notes that remind me of Jeff Buckley. And I don't use a comparisation like that lightly, trust me. All 12 songs are beauties of their own and it is pretty much impossible to select my favourite ones, but if you force it on me, it'll probably be "From The Woods!!", the way he builts that song up with the almost 'wild' ending and James screaming on the top of his lungs, it's pure magic. But this is an album to be heard from start to finish, constantly. Which is why I've included 4 songs of it in this declaration of love.

Looking back on my list of albums for 2011 I've clearly missed out on this one. Since I had already heard of it, I should've given it more attention. But it's not too late to make up for it! So if in March 2012, you would like to purchase just 1 album that was released last year. Make it this one. It is among the best of the year! It's passionate, it's beautiful, it's rich, it's a masterpiece!

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