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09-01-2012 // : goodbyemotel - Red Room

goodbyemotel - Red Room

Not so long ago I was contacted about this band releasing a new EP. Australian band goodbyemotel is on a rise, with their music being included in some (Hollywood) tv-shows and movies. I listened to their new EP (which you can download for the cost of your emailaddress) for a few days now & it reminded me of that typical USA-rock I used to listen to when I was much younger. There are some catchy tunes, but the lyrics are pretty basic and the music doesn't surprise for a moment.

So why do I spend my Monday morning writing about this band? Because openingtrack Red Room is a really cool track and makes it totally worth to download this album. There's more energy buzzin' through & it makes me want to jump around the house (which made me spill my precious morning coffee) on a Monday morning. Not an often enjoyed sensation I can tell you. So looking for a killer track to get you going this week? Try this every morning and you'll wake up dancing in the shower.

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