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07-01-2012 // : Warm Weather - A Promise

Warm Weather - A Promise

A few days ago Warm Weather contacted me about their new single and now that I've been hearing it for a few days I can only tell you one thing: It F*cking Rocks! I reviewed their EP "dances" last June and was very charmed by the 5 tracks I heard back then, even calling it one of the best EPs of the year at that time. This new track is a step up though. They sound more alive, the harmonies are more in balance. It sounds a bit vague, but I really wanted to figure out for myself why I enjoy this one track so much, and why I enjoy it so much more than the EP I heard last year, and back then really liked.

No matter what I think of it though, this is a great new song & you should not even care what I type, you should really just enjoy this awesome new track (just like me..).

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