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04-01-2012 // : Small Houses - Anywhere But Far From Me / Late July

I admit it. I'm still too much into the great music I've heard in 2011 to be really heading forward. Although I've discovered some great new artists over the last few days (all 2011-releases though) for now I still prefer to post some new tracks from those that have gathered my respect and love over the 12 months that are now the year behind us.

Somewhere near the end of that year I saw this video passing by of Small Houses doing a little solo show for (click that link to see & download all 4 great songs). It is more proof of the subtle finger-picking that supports his sharp and somewhat raw voice. Which seems to be custom-made for the sweet songs Jeremy Quentin writes.

(I was gonna leave it with that, you could've found the rest of the songs on your own, but this version of Late July is painfully beautiful. I couldn't not include it..)

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