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31-10-2011 // : The Deep Dark Woods - West Side Street

There's all kind of comparisations i can make for this great tune, but let's not. West Side Street is the 1st track of 2011-release "The Place I Left Behind" and no matter how much i like this record (i do!!), i continue to be amazed by the way record companies try and categorize the music their bands make. They will be carefull not to scare anyone away though, so here's a few lines on The Deep Dark Woods latest album according to their own website: A rainstorm over the desert of modern music, The Place I Left Behind offers murder ballads alongside scrappy rockers, lovesick hymnals and slow-dance waltzes. The album illuminates folk traditions without stripping the shadows of roots music history – The Deep Dark Woods wake the ghosts of Appalachia with their prairie gothic pyre-side tales. The Place I Left Behind echoes with traces of time and space that are never fully abandoned or forgotten.

Eeehhmmm.... What..!?
Sounds just about the greatest record ever made, i guess...(?) no doubt they need to sell stuff and therefor try to promote their album, but i prefer to let the music speak for itself, it can do that very well on it's own no doubt. because The Deep Dark Woods have made a record that is a little more country than folk (if you ask me), but is (still) extremely good. be sure to check out their website for much more listening!

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