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21-08-2011 // : Teen Daze - Surface

I've been listening to Surface by Teen Daze for some time now and it was on my 'to blog'-list. Today i finally managed to do so, and it has a lot to do with this amazing Daytrotter-session that sparked a new interest for this one track. I'm enjoying this one track a lot since i 1st heard it, but have to admit that the naked songs as they are played for Daytrotter are much more enjoyable. The lyrics are personal and more understandable when they can be heard well, also his voice really works great with just an electric guitar. If i was his friend i might consider suggesting him to make an entire record like this. Maybe he'll enjoy it (i'm pretty sure i will). It may sound like i don't like the track, i do. I just like the Daytrotter-session more.

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