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02-08-2011 // Album: Bryan John Appleby - Fire on the Vine

Not feeling to great these days, don't know what it is, but it's been hard for a few days now to relax. The days are long and uneasy, the nights even longer as i can't seem to get a decent sleep for a few nights in a row now.. Even harder does it get when there's no suitable soundtrack for the long and lonely moments in the darkness of my bedroom. With the 100s of albums stored on my laptop and other machines one should think that it's not hard to find a good tune for these times of the night. But the last 2 nights have convinced me of the opposite (although there was one album that worked for a little while last night) and i'm in desperate need of musical attention.

Today i may have discovered the cure. Not because this album is so boring it will put me out for sure, but because it's such a beautiful and relaxing album. Not "Jack Johnson"-relaxing, cuz what Bryan John Appleby has made is far more beautiful. This is music especially made for those intimate moments in the deep dark night, not specifically for the bedroom, but it'll work just fine. With just a few candles lit in the bedroom (not too close to the curtains off course) and this soothing album playing softly i can easily stare into nothing and wonder off in my own thoughts, untill my mind goes blank and the sweet violins of endtrack The Road gently put me to sleep. Oh what a fine night this will be, goodnight my friends!

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