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25-07-2011 // Album: Dark Dark Dark - Wild Go

On of the best songs i've heard this year is Dark Dark Dark's Daydreaming. I must have listened to it over a 100 times and still can't get enough of it. After writing a little something on this track, my friend Marianne got herself the album and told me later that it was one of the best things she's discovered through the blog. A compliment well received. And with that info i got myself a copy, i was intriged. It has taken some time, but "Wild Go" has found a place in my heart and in the Plug in Baby 2011: Favourites-list.

Wild Go

The vibe of the album is undoubtfully melancholic, which fits perfectly with the Dutch Summer so far, but the variety in the songs is very welcome. The danger of darker painted albums like these, lies in the risk that a record becomes to heavy & dark to really work, i can think of some examples but there's no point in bashing here, but "Wild Go" succesfully dodges that bullet. There's the soft intimacy of Daydreaming, but also the more uplifting slowness of Celebrate. That's not such a big difference, but it's big enough to keep me interested for the entire record. Overall the album is slow, tender, intimate and simply beautiful. It's been making it's way into the Favourites-list slowly, but it's there and will definately keep it's place, especially once Autumn sets in later this year..

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