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19-07-2011 // Album: Paul Kalkbrenner - Icke Wieder

Boexig Leise

Paul Kalbrenner has released his new record "Icke Wieder" in June and although i'm not the greatest fan of trance/dance/etc-music i decided to get this one. A decision based on 1 track (Sky & Sand: a few years old, but i'm still lovin' it!) which was recorded with his brother Fritz. And now that i've enjoyed this album for a few days i can honestly say i'm loving it more and more each time i hear it.


Opening track Boexig Leise is a track that really makes me want to hear the entire album, and once it's done i can easily start over. I woke up this morning with an 'urge' to hear this track. Once it was blasting through the kitchen i knew it was gonna be a good day. "Icke Wieder" sets a 'feeling good, feeling great'-mood from the 1st minute and never lets go. I read a review somewhere that "Icke Wieder" is the best album Paul Kalkbrenner has ever made, i don't know about the earlier work but this certainly is entertaining from start to finish. Great Party album, which a capital P!

Der Breuzen

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