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29-05-2011 // Album: Other Lives - Tamer Animals

After listening to For 12 several times a day over the last 2 weeks i decided to post it on the blog and just as i always do when writing a little something on a band i've discovered, i spend some time on Other Lives' website first. To see of i can hear some more music & maybe learn a little about the band and the albums they have released or might be working on. This evening i found the player above with 3 songs from their recently released record Tamer Animals (which is also the title for the least appealing track if you ask me..) and that makes 3 great songs i have heard of this band now. Unfortunately, that record is only released in the USA so far, Europe will have to wait till (don't hold your breath) August 29! There is a possibility i've forgotten about them by then, but who knows.. For 12 is truly a great song and the other 2 are good enough to help me remind this European release by the time it's August.

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