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15-03-2011 // : Francois Peglau - The Imminent Failure of Francois Peglau

Just discovered this album Sunday evening, but already i can't get enough of it. Francois Peglau is a British singer with a big heart for Beatles-music if you ask me. His songs have a huge Beatles-aura around it, without that being a bad thing. And that's a pretty impressive achievement for a young musician. As the album advances the name 'Eels' also popped into my head, it's all in the little details Eels uses a lot aswell.. And final track 'Sundays Ukulele Song' could also be titled 'Summer Ukulele Song' cuz i feel like drinking Corona's on the beach when i hear this.. A fine album, very much worth checking out. Visit his Bandcamp-page to download 2 free songs or get the whole album for just a few bucks.

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