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05-07-2011: sch [Mixtape] Best of 2011 - Part Deux

The 18 greatest songs i've discovered in the 2nd Quarter of 2011 almost completely combined on 1 great mixtape. Just 3 tracks are missing on this Mixtape, due to the fact that these are not free to share. Click the image to download the full file and listen to the 3 non-included tracks right below, which are among the best things i've heard this year!

Wild Beasts - Smother

03-07-2011: Fink - Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us

It's only a few days 'till the best (jazz) festival in the world takes place: North Sea Jazz in Rotterdam. And aside from all the great jazz music i've discovered there, it's also the place i 1st heard about Fink. A great acoustic singer-songwriter with a raw voice. Over the years he has found his way to my record collection, but i must admit i don't listen to his records very often. The main reason for this is that not all his songs are equally great. His new record 'Perfect Darkness' which has just been released is not that different from the older material and with some ok-ish songs come the brilliant ones. Like the one up here, which is a song i can easily play over and over again, because it's intense, a little raw & extremely beautiful!

03-07-2011: Common ft. Nas - Ghetto Dreams

After a 10-day silence the situation has improved enough for me to spend some time on the internet again; there's some good tunes waiting for me and later today i will spend some time gathering the songs for the Plug in Baby! Best of 2011 - Part II mixtape. For now here's the latest collaboration by rappers Nas & Common, called Ghetto Dreams. It's a banger! Which is no real surprise with 2 rappers this great.

25-06-2011: sch Time-out

Due to a critical situation in the family there is currently no new music.
At this moment i can't say when i will return to bloggin'..

thank you for understanding.

22-06-2011: EP Warm Weather - dances

Just discovered this great EP an hour ago, but it's been on non-stop rotation since then. Which is not that hard, cuz these 5 songs take up a total of 12 minutes together. This just gets better every time i hear it and to make it even a great deal, Warm Weather is offering a download of this EP for free on their bandcamp-page. I suggest you give this a few spins, because this is one of the best EPs we're gonna hear this year!

22-06-2011: Memoryhouse - Modern, Normal

Great new track by Memoryhouse to celebrate the physical release of their debut album with their new record label Sub Pop Records. Yet again a beautiful dreamy track, i feel a huge summervibe coming on..!

21-06-2011: Chris Bathgate - Some For The Wounded (Daytrotter Session)

Chris Bathgate recorded a Daytrotter Session, which was released last weekend (click the image to visit the Daytrotter-site to listen/download). There's not much to say about this really, just that it is very beautiful. It's raining like crazy outside, but inside there's hot coffee, a semi-dark kitchen with just the light of the laptop and the sweet soft music of these 4 great songs. I could spent my entire day like this..

20-06-2011: Smith Westerns - All Die Young

On several occasions it was pointed out to me that this is a potential Summersong for the year 2011. I have to admit that it has charm, but i don't really hear the potential. I gave it 6 chances while i was folding the laundry (so far the excitement for Monday night) and i decided it was worth putting up here & checking out the entire album (got this planned for tomorrow evening), which can be streamed on the Smith Westerns-website. I like this track, it's getting better every time i hear it, but will it go down in history of one of the defining tracks of this year's Summer? i doubt it..

19-06-2011: Bluebell - Normal Heights

Apparantly Bluebell is a friend of FOE, whose debut EP was on the blog last week. The music doesn't sound anything the same though, as Bluebell is much easier on the ears. The video however did really remind me of the things i've experienced on FOE's website, so there's somewhat of a link there. Doesn't really matter, cuz this is just a fine track. Which will even sound better on a hot summer night, too bad it's been raining all weekend..

19-06-2011: Big Scary - Mix Tape

Almost a month ago i posted Big Scary's track Autumn, which was a great song from their 2010 EP-collection. At the time the most recent news was that they were working on their 1st studio album, but now they have released their 1st single for it: Mix Tape. Hear it here and get it @ their bandcamp-page or via iTunes.

16-06-2011: White Mystery - Blood & Venom

This has got to be one of the best things i've heard this month. White Mystery is rocking it's ass off and i'm loving it. This 2nd album of the red-haired brother & sister-duo from Chicago was released in April of this year and although i'm hearing it for the 1st time just now i'm really gonna be listening to it a lot in the (near) future. Within a few days this will have found it's way to my Favourites of 2011-list. Fantastic album!

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