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12-06-2011: Another - Feels Good

It is extremely hard to find something on a band called Another, try googling this, adding things like 'music', 'band' or the song title doesn't make it any easier. So after some useless searching i'm sorry to inform you that i don't have any data on this band. Not even a website or myspace-page.. Is that a bad thing? Well, yes.. Kind of.. Because this is a fine track and i can imagine you would like to hear more, which is hard if it's impossible to find anything.. So if anyone out there does know this band & reads this, please sent me an email, so i can edit this post. For now, enjoy a great tune on a Sunday morning..

11-06-2011: Azari & III - Reckless With Your Love

This is about 2 years old & not really spectaculair, but i've recently discovered it and simply can't get enough of it. Especially on a Saturday off it's a great track to get in the mood for 2 days of spending time with family and friends, having a drink, hearing some fine tunes & just enjoying my arse off..

09-06-2011: Album Jalin Roze - The Brilliance

Although i'm a fan of hiphop-music, it's not easy to discover the great new things that are undoubtfully out there. I spend too much time listening to hiphop-artists that are not doing anything new or special. So far the only new album i've been listening to was Aziz' Leave Me Az Iz, everything else is older, sometimes from a previous millenium.. Untill now!
Jalin Roze's The Brilliance suits the name, just because it's a really good hiphop-album. From the 1st second throughout the entire album it has me focussed on the nice beats and sharp lyrics. Which (thank god) are not all about bitches, hoes, cars, rims and money.. Finally another decent hiphop-album to help me through the Summer (somehow, i link hiphop to Summertime, it might be a Fresh Prince/Jazzy Jeff-thing, who knows..?). It is hard to believe, but you can download Jalin Roze's album for free through his bandcamp and that is a well-worth download. I suggest you'd even try to send him some money, cuz he's earned it..!

08-06-2011: Woodhands - Papa Don't Preach

This has to be the best Madonna-cover éver! Lovin' it!

08-06-2011: City And Colour - Northern Wind

2 fine tracks from City And Colour's new album Little Hell, released just yesterday. If you like these, i suggest you go hear the entire album just as i will be doing this weekend!

07-06-2011: EP Luke Rathborne - I Can Be One EP / Dog Years EP

Luke Rathborne has done something special, he wrote 2 debut-EP's and released them together. They are both incredibly beautiful and now that i've finally taken a few days to hear it i'm truly amazed by the great talent of this singer-songwriter. The 2 parts of the EP show different sides of Luke, but both sides are truly talented. I Can Be One is my personal favourite, it gets under my skin. If that makes any sense.. Great debut, possibly the best we'll hear this year..!

07-06-2011: Fool's Gold - Street Clothes

Let me start off by saying that as of this post everything on the blog for the next few days is posted using the 'highly futuresque' postpone-option. My boss has decided to sent me to farfaraway-land untill Friday-night, but since there's more than enough music waiting to be posted, i decided to add a few things using the postpone-option (cuz although i'm in a hotel which will probably grant me a web-connection, bringing my oversized stone-aged laptop would be a pain). Which means i can not see how things turn out on the weblog, and even worse i can not double-check if all the inserted media actually works.. So forgive me for any typing errors/not working media etc etc.. I will restore any defects Friday-night when i'll be back at my trusted and beloved laptop.

That being said, listen to (and download for free) this great track by Fool's Gold: Street Clothes. I admit it had to grow on me, but it's now a proud part of the daily rotation system and i'm taking it with me to my hotel room (which i will be tearing apart with loads of great music gathered on several mp3-players..) in farfaraway-land. Great track!

06-06-2011: Atlas Genius - Trojans

The good thing of writing just a few lines on all the great music i put out on the blog is that when a band comes along on which i can find absolutely nothing except the 1st song they've just released i do not really give a sh*t. I usually tell anyone willing to read along how great this track is, that i've been listening to it all Monday evening and (oh yeah) they're called Atlas Genius and have a basically useless website.. Which in my (somewhat) humble opinion is all you need to know!

06-06-2011: Monday Morning Kick-Off [MM-KO] Lightwaves - Everybody Rock

This weeks Monday Morning Kick-Off is another banger from Lightwaves, who had the honour of kickin' off the week a few weeks ago with Working All Day. And although i usually try to prevend repeating myself, this is just such a great track & a really good start of any day, but especially the Monday! Have a good week!

05-06-2011: Puzzle Muteson - En Garde

Tomorrow is the official release date for this album, but through the player above you can hear 3 songs and they are all simply beautiful. The 3 songs are pure, sweet & form a great soundtrack for a cozy Sunday-evening with some candlelight. This album is being released tomorrow, which is only a few hours away, but still.. i cannot wait untill it is tomorrow!

02-06-2011: EP Conveyor - Sun Ray [EP]

This EP was released in April and is extremely beautiful. I bought it when i was halfway through the 1st song and the only thing i'm disappointed about is the fact i didn't get myself one of those 500 (orange) limited edition vinyls they've started selling per yesterday. Conveyor reminds me of Grizzly Bear and a little Fleet Foxes (but more of GB, to be honest), 2 highly appreciated bands in my home and this is gonna be on heavy rotation for a long, long time..!

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