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03-08-2011: SoKo - No More Home, No More Love

Now this is waking up to something beautiful. SoKo released an EP back in 2007 as a duo, but went on solo not long after that. In 2009 she was supposed to release her full debut album, but she decided otherwise and now, 2 years later, it seems to be released later this year. No More Home, No More Love is the 1st track from this upcoming album and it's simply beautiful. Sometimes all you need is an acoustic guitar and a sweet voice. SoKo knows it and works with it very well!

02-08-2011: Album Bryan John Appleby - Fire on the Vine

Not feeling to great these days, don't know what it is, but it's been hard for a few days now to relax. The days are long and uneasy, the nights even longer as i can't seem to get a decent sleep for a few nights in a row now.. Even harder does it get when there's no suitable soundtrack for the long and lonely moments in the darkness of my bedroom. With the 100s of albums stored on my laptop and other machines one should think that it's not hard to find a good tune for these times of the night. But the last 2 nights have convinced me of the opposite (although there was one album that worked for a little while last night) and i'm in desperate need of musical attention.

Today i may have discovered the cure. Not because this album is so boring it will put me out for sure, but because it's such a beautiful and relaxing album. Not "Jack Johnson"-relaxing, cuz what Bryan John Appleby has made is far more beautiful. This is music especially made for those intimate moments in the deep dark night, not specifically for the bedroom, but it'll work just fine. With just a few candles lit in the bedroom (not too close to the curtains off course) and this soothing album playing softly i can easily stare into nothing and wonder off in my own thoughts, untill my mind goes blank and the sweet violins of endtrack The Road gently put me to sleep. Oh what a fine night this will be, goodnight my friends!

02-08-2011: Muscles - I'll Follow You

Great track by Muscles. I've been listening to it for a few days now & i'm getting more addicted everytime i hear it.

01-08-2011: Monday Morning Kick-Off [MM-KO] Two Wounded Birds - Guns At Dawn

Another weekend has passed, another Monday has emerged. The vacation is at it's peak moments now & even the sun is trying it's best to co-operate. To start off the week properly there's a new [Monday Morning Kick-Off] and this week it's a short instrumental track by Two Wounded Birds (who can celebrate their 2nd [MM-KO] now). They are releasing 3 Summer Surf Instrumentals and Guns At Dawn is the 1st track. It's a great Summer-track with a little bit of Tarantino in it, perfect on a Monday morning. Have a good week!

30-07-2011: [mixtape] Bixel Boys - Just A Taste

Not only is there new great music being released all the time, there are also great mixtapes dumped on the internet on a daily routine. It's hard to come across these things, cuz they're usually made for a specific party or just a group of friends of the person responsible for the mix, but i do get my hands on some great mixtapes from time to time. Because the weekend is usually extremely silent on Plug in Baby! i thought it would be nice to share a great mixtape with you every Saturday night, just to [Pink-quote]Get the party started[/Pink-quote] before we all go out and have a great night out on the town (or whatever it is that you do on a Saturday evening).. Enjoy this sweet mixtape by Bixel Boys!

Edition One: Bixel Boys - Just A Taste
(Point Break Wake Up Brah Intro)
Beaumont – Midnight
The Mythical Beasts – Communicate
CSLSX – Keep On Shining
Leopold – Sublime (She Said Disco Remix)
Kartell – Pantera
Bottin – Terra Promessa (Bottin Edit)
D-Pulse – Velocity of Love (Hot Toddy Mix)
Darius – Maliblue
Phantogram – Mouthful of Diamonds

29-07-2011: Austra - Lose It

This is one of the catchiest tunes i've heard in a while. I've added this to the file "listen-when-i-have-time" back in April and every once in a while when i play this file this automatically grabs my attention. Tonight i've finally taken the step of getting some more info on Austra, the 3-piece band responsible for this great track. I've learned they have released their debut album this May & are visiting my country later this year (unfortunately as an opener for something less interesting..), also you can dl another free track from their website, which is a bit darker, but also very interesting. Lose it is definately an A+ track, a 100% "PiB-Favourites Part III"-candidate.

29-07-2011: Male Bonding - Bones

Male Bonding is releasing a new album somewhere in the near future and this track Bones is the 1st taste of it. It's a nice pop-punktrack perfect for those lame Friday afternoon hours, the last few at work before the weekend starts.

29-07-2011: Lotus - Blacklight Sunflare

Now this is how any day should start! At first 1 wanted to save it for the next Monday Morning Kick-Off, but this is too good to not share right away. Lotus has been around for some time (since 1999) and this track Blacklight Sunflare is the 1st single from the upcoming 9th album. I would almost feel ashamed that untill yesterday i had never heard of them, but there's really no point in that so f*ck it! Let's just enjoy this great tune! Good morning, it's Friday. It's almost weekend, i'm already feelin' it!

28-07-2011: Sleepyhands - Smoke People

Great name for a band: Sleepyhands. But far more important: They make great music. Last year they've released their debut EP (which included the amazing song We Being Human) and just a few days ago a brand new single Smoke People was released. It's a little heavier, but there's definately some progress to be heard. Very curious about that 2nd album where this single was taken from..

27-07-2011: The Lake Poets - Alter

Two beautiful covers done by The Lake Poets (which is one of the best bandnames i've heard in a while, although it's mainly a solo-project). There was also a debut EP released last year with 4 own tracks called The Lake Poets. The songs on that EP may be even better than the 2 covers, give it a go when you're drinking your 1st cup of coffee this morning. It's waking up very slowly at it's best!

25-07-2011: Noel Gallagher - The Death Of You And Me

Beady Eye is already touring and today finally the other half of the Gallagher-bros has released some new material. In my honest opinion he's won 'the battle' already. Noel Gallagher's 1st single The Death Of You And Me is a great song. It feels familair as a great Oasis-track, but definately has its own sound to it. I've played this 7 times in a row over the last 30 minutes and i'm gonna keep on playing it for a while. Because it's fucking awesome & really raises the bar for the entire album to be released on October 17th.

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