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20-09-2011: Two Wounded Birds - No Return

Another great track by Two Wounded Birds. They just keep 'em coming this year. If you like it, listen to guns At Dawn and All We Wanna Do. You'll see what i'm getting at..

19-09-2011: Yellow Ostrich - Whale

Cool vid. Great song. Good job. Yellow Ostrich.

19-09-2011: Monday Morning Kick-Off [MM-KO] Friends Electric - Puzzle Pieces

Another Monday, another Monday Morning Kick-Off. The new (and greatest) single by Friends Electric is called Puzzle Pieces and it's a great danceable party-track to start off the week with. Just before you go into meetings, fix new problems, meet new customers or do whatever it is that you do, you get to dance once more to remember the great weekend with this good track. The single will be released on October 24th, get it if you've danced to it this dull Monday morning. Have a good week!

18-09-2011: EP Danny Deleto - Conversation

The kitchen has been cleaned after a little Courgette-soup explosion, i'm doing my best reading all the papers i've received over the last 8 days and the background sounds excist of all kinds of great things i'm discovering on the blogs i haven't visited in at least a couple of days. Among the greatest things i've heard was this 3-track EP by Danny Deleto, called "Conversation". It's 3 electronic rock tracks that fit together, yet each tell a totally different story. It's almost 6 months old, but who cares? It's a good little piece of music and you can download it for any price. A bargain no matter what you spend on it, cuz it's

16-09-2011: The Rest - Always On My Mind / The Last Day

Usually i spend my spare time reading blogs, listening to unheard music, discovering bands of all kinds & saving big amounts of links, files and tips from all over the web. Over the last weeks it has happened a few times that bands (or their record companies) found me. Not always to their succes, because i might be extra critical to what i'm being given.. The Rest started following me on Twitter and i checked out their account and website. To my "surprise" they have recently released 2 new tracks which are incredibly good! These 2 tracks are a little dreamy with a noisy edge to it. There's a lot to discover in the songs and although names of U2 and Radiohead popped into my head, The Rest surely have their own sound as i don't really like those two bands, but really enjoy these 2 free tracks. Always On My Mind is my favourite, but both tracks are a treat to your stereo.

13-09-2011: Jordan Klassen - Go To Me

Great song by personal "hero-to-be" Jordan Klassen, who is working on his album (to be released March 2012), but has shared this 1st track with the world. And based on this 1 track, this might be a fantastic album. It starts out soft and easy, but more sounds and instruments are added as the song goes along, adding new layers to it, yet remaining the same sweet song it started out as. Eventually even horns join in for the outro, and once it's done, all you wanna do is start over again. Absolute brilliance!

12-09-2011: Monday Morning Kick-Off [MM-KO] FOE - Deep Water Heartbreaker

A little late, but i was gone for the weekend and arrived home very tired and a little sick. After some sleeping and rumbling around the house, my Monday has finally started a little bit. Better late than never, check out this weeks Monday Morning Kick-Off by FOE, who was here before with her Spring cassette-EP. Now she's back with 2 new tracks, of which Deep Water Heartbreaker is just really good. It's more smooth, but still with a little edge to it, i predict greatness in her future.

10-09-2011: The Magician ft. Jeppe - I Don't Know What To Do

Being in a little party-mood after that fine Justice-track this morning, let us continue with this 90s based dance-track by The Magician. This track once again shows that we're on our way to a 90s revival, this takes me back to dancing at school party's, sneaking booze in to our lockers & secretly drinking in the hallways. Pretending we're drunk as fuck after sharing a 0.75l-bottle of something extremely sweet and with only 5% alcohol in it with 8 people. But it was good, and it was fun. Just like this track.

10-09-2011: Justice - Audio, Video, Disco

Justice is releasing their new album in October and the 1st single is also the title track, called Audio, Video, Disco. This week the video was also released and although it's not that special is does add a little extra to it, making it a fine track to start off the weekend with.

08-09-2011: EP Air Review - American's Son EP

Air Review makes that nice romantic folky music that we've been hearing a lot of lately, due to the great succes of Mumford & Sons, who have either inspired a lot of bands or have paved the way for others to follow in their trail towards becoming the next big thing. While waiting for something new from M&S, Air Review does a good job at taking the stage for them. This "American's Son EP" consists of 4 great tracks, that deserve to be played over and over again. They definately have their own sound, which is more melodic, a little more powerfull and less melancholic. And it works very well. This is one of the finest EPs i've heard this year, and i've heard so many great EPs already.. It's a little unclear to me when and how this is gonna be released properly, but i hope they will; it's a definate-buy in my book.

08-09-2011: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - AKA... What A Life!

The 2nd single from Noel Gallagher's new album is called AKA... What A Life! and will be released this weekend, but is already up for order on his website. It's not as special as the 1st single, but it's a good tune. And with those 2 tracks in mind, i'm becoming more and more interested in the entire album. That'll have to be pretty damn good!

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