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25-07-2011 // Monday Morning Kick-Off: [MM-KO] We All Have Hooks for Hands - Girls

This weeks Monday Morning Kick-Off marks the end of my vacation, but at least it stopped raining for a change.. But because of the 'going back to work'-moment here, i felt i needed an extra dose of noise to get me started, without it being too much noise cuz it also needed to lift my spirit a little on this sad, sad day. We All Have Hooks For Hands has released an album which can be downloaded for free from their website, and it's very much worth it. They have a fun & energetic sound, perfect for the early Monday morning. Have a good week!

24-07-2011 // : Jason Forrest - Raunchy

This track by Jason Forrest is already 4 months old, but it's ace. This should also work great on a Monday morning, but i've got something even better lined up for that tomorrow.. Dance your weekend away with this nice track!

20-07-2011 // : James Hoffman - The Oregon Song

June 7th James Hoffman released his debut album "The Union" through one of my favourite labels, Other Songs Music Co. (also the home of Bruekke & Ruby Randall) and for some reason i still hadn't really taken the time to give it the airtime it probably deserves. I'd have every reason to give it a go, not only cuz i like the label, but also because this track The Oregon Song has been on heavy rotation here for a few weeks already. Now that it passed by on the stereo again just a few minutes ago i decided to at least share this beautiful song with you, aswell as promise myself to give the entire album a spin somewhere soon. Might be continued.. for now, enjoy this beautiful song by this sweet-voiced singer.

20-07-2011 // : M83 - Midnight City

Midnight City by M83

Biggest hype on the blogs these last few days is the apparantly highly anticipated new album by M83 called "Hurry Up, We're Dreaming". A 1st track has been released (aswell as a tracklist, but i never understood how people can go crazy over some words in a certain order..) and it's pretty nice. I yet fail to see how this is highly anticipated, but maybe that's my problem. It's a nice track that'll go well with the Tom Vek & Paul Kalkbrenner-tracks i posted the previous 2 days, although i can honestly say that those other 2 have better tracks on their albums (as far as these things can be compared, cuz it's apples & bananas basically..). But nonetheless it's a nice Summeresque partytrack, it seems to be a week for dancing, i ain't complaining.

19-07-2011 // Album: Paul Kalkbrenner - Icke Wieder

Boexig Leise

Paul Kalbrenner has released his new record "Icke Wieder" in June and although i'm not the greatest fan of trance/dance/etc-music i decided to get this one. A decision based on 1 track (Sky & Sand: a few years old, but i'm still lovin' it!) which was recorded with his brother Fritz. And now that i've enjoyed this album for a few days i can honestly say i'm loving it more and more each time i hear it.


Opening track Boexig Leise is a track that really makes me want to hear the entire album, and once it's done i can easily start over. I woke up this morning with an 'urge' to hear this track. Once it was blasting through the kitchen i knew it was gonna be a good day. "Icke Wieder" sets a 'feeling good, feeling great'-mood from the 1st minute and never lets go. I read a review somewhere that "Icke Wieder" is the best album Paul Kalkbrenner has ever made, i don't know about the earlier work but this certainly is entertaining from start to finish. Great Party album, which a capital P!

Der Breuzen

19-07-2011 // EP: Guerre - Darker My Love

Sweet ambient album by Guerre. Get a free download and give this EP a try, it gets better everytime i hear it! The dreamy vocals, the warm synths, the subtle beats. There is no setting in which this album will not work. But probably a hot sandy beach with a beautiful girl will be best (although, what kind of music does nót sound good with a setting like that, so maybe a bad example..). On a not-so-special Tuesday afternoon it works very fine, and i know it did a wonderfull job on my stereo these last few days. Great EP! More please!

18-07-2011 // : Iron & Wine (acoustic session)

Absolutely beautiful 5-track session Iron & Wine recorded recently.

18-07-2011 // Monday Morning Kick-Off: [MM-KO]Tom Vek - A.P.O.L.O.G.Y.

Another Monday, another Monday Morning Kick-Off. this time a great track from Tom Vek's new album "Leisure Seizure", which has recently been released after years of silence from Mr. Vek. But now he's back, and he seems to be everywhere. Check his website for some more great tracks, cuz the album is booming for all the right reasons, it gets better everytime i hear it! Have a good week! dance to it.

17-07-2011 // Album: Josh Oliver - Troubles

Perfect little record for a dark & dreamy Sunday night is "Troubles" by Josh Oliver. On the day the summer started he released his debut album, which sounds perfect for walking around in the burning sun somewhere this Summer. But i'm pretty sure this will also work when the leaves start falling later this year. Basically an album that may go far through the year. And it should, cuz it sounds so good and i'm gonna make this a long evening to remember. cheers on a special Sunday night!

14-07-2011 // Album: Bon Iver - Bon Iver, Bon Iver

It's a little known fact that i'm not a huge fan of the hype-culture. When the whole (blog)world is hyping the new albums of great acts such as Radiohead, Fleet Foxes & The Strokes or is kissing arses of upcoming "next big things" like James Blake or Bon Iver i'm usually done.. It's part of me, i can not stand the temptation of going against the grain, no matter how tough that might be. I do it at work, with friends, in relationships & with my biggest love: music.

When it comes to music though, i do things differently than with other things in life, because i believe that if so many people (including bloggers i really appreciate) call an album great it has to be something special. And i do listen to these albums. And maybe it's me being an annoying arse, but usually i find myself right and in complete misunderstanding with the rest of the world hyping their arses off.. I have found myself a decent number of 'enemies' when claiming the new Radiohead/Strokes-albums were not as good as one could expect and surely not as good as the blogs/magazines said they were, and at that point i decided to keep my opinions to myself (haters gonna hate, but if all emails are unsupportive, i do get fed up with it) when another 'big' release came out. So i never mentioned the disappointment i felt when listening to James Blake's debut album (although seeing him live last weekend was absolutely brilliant) & i never really paid any (well-deserved) attention to that new Fleet Foxes-album, which i think is one of the best albums we'll be hearing this year: It's perfection in all it's forms!

For Bon Iver's (finally getting to the point here, sory for the delay) 2nd album "Bon Iver, Bon Iver" i decided to do what i should've done with the Fleet Foxes-album, sharing my love for the album. I have to admit it took me a few spins before i got used to his voice and the somewhat unexpected music that comes with it. But what was weird and uncomfortable the 1st time, became absolutely brilliant the 4th time i listened to it. Which in this case comes down to the album's opener Perth. It's a song for which i can't turn up my stereo loud enough. I want to hear it louder, feel it more & let it take away any thoughts i might have. I want to loose myself in this album, because i can. Because this is an album só good, that it makes me want to hear nothing else. Comparing it to the other great albums i've heard this year it already matches up to "Helplessness Blues" and i can definately see this album up high in the album charts of every blogger at the end of this year, even if i don't really care about that. All i know is that it'll be ending up high in my list. Because there's not much albums coming out this year that will be better than this.

14-07-2011 // : Oax - Love And Crashing

On June 7th Oax dropped it's debut EP called "This Distance" and it's a nice little EP with this track Love And Crashing being the finest of all 5 tracks, but the quality-level is overall very high. This is an EP that makes me want to hear a full album, because it's a potential great one.

14-07-2011 // Plug in, Baby!: 1 Year: Plug in Baby!

On July 14th of 2010 the 1st post was written on Plug in Baby!. It was (off course) a warm welcome to all new visitors with a live-video of Muse's inspiration-track. Today there are over 400 blogs written and in my humble opinion the blog has evolved a lot. It took me a few months to get myself settled, but the way things are going right now are exactly how i want it to go. Off course i would like to spend more time writing, but real life is also something to enjoy to the fullest. Thank you all visitors for finding your way to this little weblog (the number of visitors is rising every month) & please do keep coming back, cuz i ain't going away & there's more than enough great music to discover together!

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